How do you grow an e-scooter culture in M’sia? Open a café, thought these guys.

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E-scooters are typically considered to be one of the more innovative inventions for cities to become smart cities. A while back when it was safer to go out, I decided to try 2 different brands on actual roads, and I’m glad to report I emerged unscathed.

While the overall experience seems fun, the thought of riding it on Klang Valley roads for your first time may drive some people away. Education is one major key to increasing adoption though, and so e-scooter company Starwheels has stepped up to the occasion, albeit with a less conventional method for it—by opening a café.

“The use of EVs is still not popular in Malaysia yet, hence we wanted to make them more approachable and affordable for Malaysians,” Charlene Too, MD of Starwheels Café & Bistro, shared with Vulcan Post.


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