Custom Design & OEM

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What We Offer

Here at Star Wheels Electronic, our service to you doesn’t just stop when you leave our shop. We go above and beyond to ensure that each of our customers gets exception customer service and after-sales service.

Find out what kinds of services we offer and choose the right one for you.

Custom Designing

Pimp Your Scooter with us! Be cool, be yours, be different! Feel free to choose your own design, talk to our designers and transform your E Scooter/E Bike just as you imagine. Select the components you want, and see how they look while you’re building them.

Our professional designers will be here to help you create the best electric scooter of your choice. We can altogether remake your whole E Scooter! We’re going to advise you on dos and don’tsĀ build an electric scooter.

Reach out to us via email :, or call 0172883825, or simply dropby to USJ 19.

Custom Build & OEM

Our Expert Builders and Engineers will for all intents and purposes be here to for the most part assist you in designing basically the best electric scooter of very your choice. We will actually advise you on the do and donts, pro and cons of building an electric scooter in a major way.

Reach out to us via email :, 012-5833882, Headquarter

Want to design your own electric scooter?

We are more than happy to help you.