8 Benefits Of Using An Electronic Bike (or E-Bike)

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Back in 2014, hoverboards and unicycles were all the rage and now in 2021, we are living in the future with the help of technology to help improve our lives in terms of our travelling and transportation needs.

With renewable energy and new sporting ideas that use less energy consumption, we can now stay active and healthy throughout our daily life. One of these new technological changes is the electronic bike or e-bike.

You might have already seen one of these in your neighbourhood. Is the electronic bike worth all the hype and how does it fare against the traditional bicycle?

The electronic bike is the biggest adoption of green transportation, and we know, you might think “But cycling is already green”. But think of these e-bikes being used in place of small petrol scooters than your normal bicycles.

E-bikes use rechargeable batteries that can travel up to 25 to 45 km/h, and gets you to your destination much faster than most people could cycle. They offer low cost, energy-efficient, and emission-free transportation with physical and health benefits.

Here are 8 benefits of having an e-bike:

1.  Assisted Biking

E-bikes have a machine integrated within the bike called the “pedal-assist”, which is battery-powered and gives the pedalling a boost. This method helps to reduce stress and impact on your knees and thighs, which will help a lot if you cycle a lot.

Some e-bikes have specific boosting technology that helps in assisting you to ascend hills and cycle down inclines. With these advantages, people of all ages and health can ride without worry and for longer distances with an e-bike.

2. It’s Fast And Flexible

If you need to cover miles of distance with little effort, this e-bike technology gives you the benefits of doing so. You can also take advantage of roads or lanes that are traffic-free to slash your commute time if you’re living in the city.

With its development over the years, it now looks like any normal bikes except the subtle ‘hum’ that it gives off, which can give it away to someone with sharp ears. If you live within the area of your workplace, the e-bike is a great way to move about the city with durability and speed.

3. Improve Fitness

If you still need reasons as to why you should get an e-bike, you might want to listen to this. According to a study of scientists at the Switzerland’s University of Basel, riding an e-bike is just as good as riding a regular bike when it comes to improving fitness.

Even though cycling with an e-bike is pedal-assisted, it’s still exercising and therefore good for health, helping you keep your body and mind healthy. If you are a fitness enthusiast and wants to try the e-bike, there are customisable ones that are suitable for exercising.

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4. It’s Easy To Get One

In Malaysia, the e-bikes are still considered as a bicycle, therefore, you don’t need a license to ride it, license plate, or even insurance.

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